Photos from NEWS Reading

No matter how chaotic life gets, it’s a pleasure to co-host a NEWS reading event. The quality of writing happening in and around the Boston area never ceases to amaze us.

If you’ve been on the fence about attending or participating in this series, or a reading series in your hometown, don’t just sit there—sign up! National Poetry Month is just around the corner, and there’s no better month to lend your voice to the conversation.

We were treated to conversation and more with last night’s “mixed bag” (fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction) reading:

Brendyn Schneider

Joan Paquette

J.D. Scrimgeour

(L-R, Joan Paquette--young adult novelist, J.D. Scrimgeour--poet and AWP Creative Nonfiction award winner, Brendyn Schneider--fiction writer and essayist)


Writer bug said…
glad it went well, and sorry i couldn't be there. FYI, I posted a comment on your earlier post re your new poem.
January said…
Thanks Bug! Hope to see you at the next reading on April 6. (Yes, that was a shameless plug.)

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