Confession Tuesday

Got something you need to get off your chest? The truth shall set you free! Just let me or Carolee know that you’re confessing this week.


I started these confessions on Saturday. I was so happy to be at Starbucks drinking my venti hot chocolate I couldn’t help it. Me time—such a gift!


Before Starbucks, I spent most of my morning contacting local media outlets about the Cave Canem event on April 2. I think I helped raise awareness about the Boston event because today (Monday), I received a few e-mails saying he or she would send out the flyer to members or listservs.


It was a good exercise for me because I was able to finally start a media list. This list, which consists of news outlets friendly to writers, community groups, and college e-mail lists, will be the basis for the list I use when Underlife comes out next year. Plus, it’s just good to know the poetry groups in the region.


I enjoyed writing my Sunday Scribblings post this past week. Made me realize that I have stopped blogging just to blog. I’ve got to get better about that—I miss it.


Also, I miss writing my every thought in a journal. My handwriting has gotten progressively worse, probably because I’m so plugged into my computer. But still use a journal, and will start a new one at the beginning of April. The new one is fancier—a different trim size. So I’m interested to see if a different style affects the way I write.


Thought I could go two hours without checking e-mail on my iPhone but I can’t.


And now a fun confession:

In an effort to have couple time, Tim and I took a shower together on Saturday afternoon. Just a shower. Just couple time. … Anyway … Tim stepped out of the shower first just as my 4-year old son Alex was coming into the bathroom.

Alex: “Did you and mommy take a shower together? Why?”

Tim (without missing a beat): “Mommy and I are trying to save water.”



Anonymous said…
i'm so glad you're trying to save water. :)
January said…
I do what I can ... y'know ... for the environment. Hee Hee hee!
Anonymous said…
Me, I confessed!

Also, not to reveal too much, but couple-shower-time has been a lynchpin in my relationship with my pal D. I'm always surprised to learn that other people don't take advantage of this free, easy to do, and comforting activity!

I'm a firm believer in creating strong couple-time bonds with all the important folk in one's life -mates, friends, pets, everyone. (Though, perhaps that time won't necessarily involve showering!)
Anonymous said…
Al Gore would be so proud of your conservation efforts!

But I'm with you--a good shower is a nice way to spend couple time. And conserve.

January said…
P & E, I think I've hit upon something with my shower confession. Hmmmm. Thanks for sharing.
...deb said…
Nice confession! I can hardly wait to hear what you say when you hear your son use the line.

I've confessed, late in the day. And I wish I had a water-conservation confession.
Goodnight, Mom said…
I love this confession. Of course, now that my boss and my parents friends know about my blog, I can no longer write things like my husband and I shower together. Maybe I need a separate secret blog for confessions! :)
January said…
There are those who have secret blogs for their secret lives. You could be one of them, K.

Tell your parents you're trying to conserve water--they'll understand!
Ananda said…
girl, i am happy you had some me time and hubby time. the story about your child asking about the shower was pricless. glad your efforts to promote poetry are well received. enjoy the iphone. i may have to get one when the price drops. i just got an ipod last year and started using it seriously today. i know i know.... i am moving ahead one step at a time in the world of techie toys.
Writer bug said…
I am laughing out loud. I don't know Tim, but he won major points in my mind for his quick, funny thinking!

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