New Poem

The God of Small Children

Sometimes they must be conjoined
or burned or raped to get our attention,
their little warranties expired,
their fob of a heart forever detached.
They must be living in squalor,
singing their trashcan lullabies
to the dogs and cats,
or shaken like a milkshake
at the hands of a careless adult
who can’t take the crying,
the melody of the body’s

The god of small children listens
to every terrible song ever sung
yet still remains silent
while tumors grow like tulips
and babies sink like teddy bears
in the bottoms of tubs.

It means that closer to home,
the quiet kid down the street
is buying ammo online
to take to school tomorrow.
The god of small children doesn’t mourn
their luck, which is nothing but bad.
All those voices bathed in fear
bathed in anger, seemingly soundless,
with just the raw air scolding us all.


It touched me in many ways. Where have we lost our children.

Lately in India, kids as young as 11 years old of committing suicide. Becos of not dioing well in studies. As a teacher, it truly pains me.
January said…
Thanks Gautami. I think I've been feeling a little frustrated with things going on in the news.

Hard to believe that kids as young as 11 commit suicide. Can't help but hear that and be saddened.

Hugs to you and for all that you do.
odessa said…
hi january,
thank you so much for sharing this poem. i needed this today. my cousin died of cancer 3 days ago. he was only 15.
January said…
Odessa, I am sorry for your loss.

If this poem has helped in any way than I have done my job.
GreenishLady said…
Beautiful poem, January. I too work with young people in distress, and this speaks to me of the feelings I cannot name for myself sometimes. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
oh. my. goodness.

distressing and beautiful. one of those that makes you think because you feel it so deeply.
paris parfait said…
Oh January - what a powerful, profound poem.

Wishing you and yours a very happy Easter!
Anonymous said…
Chilling and powerful.
Anonymous said…
Ouch, but in the good way. You've really outdone yourself this week.
I'm so glad I came here, your poem is a delight.
I feel for young children, but what I feel more strongly about is God's silence.
very well expressed!
Cynthia said…
A heartbreaking truth you've
poemed. So much for the little
ones to gather in their small,
open hearts at the mercy of
utterly faltering adults.

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