Dr. Nick, Fever, and Monet's Garden

What a day! Took the kids to see Dr. Nick, the dentist, this morning.


Alex (photo #1) is running this strange fever that gives him the chills. He's sleepy, lethargic, and has no appetite. Just not himself. Hope it passes soon.


Felt both guilty and unprepared for my reading tonight at Monet's Garden. What a treat is was to hear such great local talent. As for my performance, to paraphrase another of tonight's readers, it doesn't matter that I wrote the poem--it doesn't make it any easier to read. Fortunately, the crowd was a forgiving one and really seemed to enjoy my work.

Tonight I read poems I hadn't read in a while--early childhood/family poems. This grouping I picked out before I arrived at the venue but I should have mixed it up a bit. I read three somber poems in a row and managed to depress myself! OK, next time I'll do a better job of reading my audience.


chiefbiscuit said…
Hope the wee guy is feeling better soon.
I'm sure you were great - it's hard reading though - I often feel quite lonely, until you get someone who responds ...
January said…
Well, thank you! I try to learn from thoss experiences so next time I will be a better reader.

Sometimes it does take a while before the audience warms up and responds. I think I'm getting used to it.

Wish I could come to one of your readings.
Ananda said…
hope the children are doing well. hey it is a blessing that you are reading your work. you still gave them a gift. your creativity... somber and all.

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