Poetry To-Do's

It’s time for one of my silly to-do lists. The truth is nothing makes me happier than crossing off what I have done and looking at what still needs attention.

I did have a chance to send out poems to two publications, and I scheduled two readings in the next few weeks. I also did a lot of this related to my forthcoming book, so I managed to get a few poetry-related things done this past week.

So here are my new to-do’s:

  1. Memorize a poem—At Sunday’s NEWS reading, J.D. Scrimgeour recited a poem to the audience and it was terrific. It gives the reader the opportunity to connect with the audience. So this may be my new task into the month of April. I’ll memorize one or two of mine, and a poem from a well-known poet.
  2. Read a book—haven’t read anything other than poetry books this year. I’ve had Steve Martin’s Pure Drivel on my shelf for a while. Maybe I need something short and funny to get me started.
  3. Write two poems and revise an old piece.
  4. Write next article for Read Write Poem.
  5. Start planning the next NEWS reading event on April 9—it’s a poetry extravaganza!
  6. Working with Cave Canem to promote their first major Boston event.
  7. Send poems to two publications.

So, what’s on your to-do list?


Anonymous said…
I used to memorize poems when I was a kid, almost without trying sometimes. Not sure the memory is up to it these days though!
Goodnight, Mom said…
Mine is definitely to read more!!!!! high on the to do list! Got any book suggestions?

January said…
K, have you read Steve Martin's books? Thety're all supposed to be funny.

After "Pure Drivel", I'm reading John Edgar Wideman's "Brothers and Keepers (finally), and J.D. Scrimgeour's, "Themes for English B: A Professor's Education in and out of Class."
I also used to memorize lots of poems some time ago, I mostly liked funny poems because they were nice and easy to memorize.
Anonymous said…
I only seem to have time for "work" and "school" at the moment. I'm glad you can be so productive, though.
odessa said…
i read shopgirl (the one adapted to a movie) and it was a fun, light read.

like you, i haven't finished reading a book in awhile. i'm starting with short stories right now, hopefully i'll transition to something longer.
S. Thomas Summers said…
good luck!!!
...deb said…
Hey Jan, great list!

I just heard a radio program this morning about the memorization project Poetry Out Loud...it formed synchonicity with what you were talking about. It would be so cool to be able to recite a poem out loud. I have plenty on my poetry-plate right now, but what a neat future goal?! (As well as actually getting to read my stuff in public!)

Link to program with links to info about Poetry Out Loud, in case you're interested... http://action.publicbroadcasting.net/opb/posts/list/878809.page
January said…
Thanks Deb. Maybe we should make memorizing a poem a goal for April.

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