Horton, Downward Dog, and Miracle-Gro Lollypops

It’s after 3 a.m. on Easter morning and I can’t sleep. My son had a dream that someone was trying to chop him into little pieces. Hmmmm …

Anyway, Happy Easter. Here are a few ramblings from my corner of the world.

Haven’t blogged over the past few days because the kids and I are fighting colds. It’s the first one all season so I can’t really complain.


On Saturday, I took the kids to see Horton Hears a Who. What a great movie! I highly recommend it to parents and kids alike. The animation was awesome. And just at the point when I thought the kids would get bored, the filmmakers kicked it into high gear with animae. It was cool!


Of course, Ella was most fascinated by the popcorn.


Later, I snuck off to my first yoga class in a long time. Couldn't resist a class called “Yoga for Writers,” which is a great concept. Hope the class runs again. It was Vinyasa yoga, and this particular class worked on wrist, shoulder, low-back issues. Alden, the teacher-in-training and NYU alum (woo hoo!), discussed the commonalities between yoga and writing, and how yoga can enhance the creative process. Glad it was open to all levels because I can’t maintain Downward Dog to save my life. However, I’m champ at Crow--sort of.


After I finish this post, I will fill Easter baskets full of candy for the kids. And my husband, still a kid at heard, gets an Eater basket left on our front porch every year (from his mom … eh … the Easter bunny). But before the kids went to bed, my husband took the kids out in the yard to plant jelly beans. In the morning—well, in a few hours—those magic jelly beans will sprout lollypops!


There’s a full moon out tonight!


I need to do yoga on a regular basis.

I I wanna those lollipops!

Have a great easter Sunday!

Goodnight, Mom said…
Happy, Happy, Happy Easter!!!! So sorry I did not write at 3! I was up!


Hope all went well,
GreenishLady said…
I like the idea of planting beans and getting lollipops! That's great!
Anonymous said…
we saw horton on friday and loved it also. although it did give me a big panic attack at the part with the giant clover patch, when horton didn't know which clover was his. i would have dropped dead of anxiety on the spot. fortunately, horton's heart is bigger than mine.

it was fun messing with the kids afterward, getting them to really wonder if we're on a tiny speck. ...
Jenn said…
Happy Easter, Jan! Do you think yoga is good for scrapbookers? I haven't done a dern thing in ages...could use me some creative juices.

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