Confession Tuesday

Got a secret? Let Carolee or me know that you’re confessing and tell all!

OK, this is a confession about not being able to confess about my book. What can I tell you? We’ve narrowed covers down to two and with any luck we’ll get approval for one of them very soon.

The other thing I’ve been working on is getting the blurbs for my back cover. Those pithy little quotes on the backs of books—oh my goodness! It’s hard to get an established poet to blurb a book. The poets I thought were a lock did not come through, while the people who are blurbing have been so generous and kind. You just never know.


Once I get the blurbs and cover nailed down, I still have more than a year until the book comes out. Ugh. The waiting is a slow torture. But I’ve waited this long, right? What’s another 1 ½ years?


I’m gearing up for National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) by working on writing exercises. Starting tomorrow, I’m flexing my poetic muscles to get ready for the daily grind of coming up with a poem a day. I consider these poems free write with potential. I may post or I may keep these poems on the side for those days when I’m just stuck.


Marriage is hard. Parenting is hard. And whenever I’m having a rough day, I watch an episode of Jon and Kate + 8 and I instantly feel better about my life! God bless them for having the strength to raise eight kids. I couldn't do it. I have a hard enough time with my little family.


Tomorrow morning the Red Sox are playing their season opener in Japan against the Oakland A’s. Thank goodness baseball is back! The game's at 6 a.m. so I'll be able to cheer for the home team on my way into work. Go Sox!


Good luck with the blurbs!
Teaching is hard too. In this heat!
Oh, I love this confessional idea...I'll have to remember that one! I'm sure the waiting must seem endless, but you're on your way with the book now and there is a light--however distant--at the end of the tunnel, right?
Jenn said…
Even if the house was on fire, I couldn't get Bobby out of bed willingly at 6 a.m. Yet, this morning, he was bright-eyed and bushy tailed while watching the Sox. Piss me off.
Phoebe said…
I confessed!
Anonymous said…
it does seem like a long wait. i have no patience. i am not a good wait-er. how are you holding up?
jillypoet said…
What is the deal with a season opener in Japan? My husband said it is no big deal, but what about the fans? Oh well. I'm not a diehard, so I guess I can't complain!

It must be so hard to wait and wait! You'll have to let us know when the first reading is so Carolee and I can come cheer you on!

I'm psyched for April. What are you doing to prepare?
January said…
The Red Sox season opener is not that big a deal, except to Red Sox fans. I know people who took the day off to watch the 6 a.m. game yesterday. And the Sox lost to the Oakland A’s. Just another reminder that I have 160 more games full of drama ahead of me.

To Carol’s question earlier about how I’m holding up … I’m anxious about the book, but things are moving as well as can be expected. No complaints. And I’m taking this year to really get to know the Boston-area community and to get my name out there. I’m trying to schedule as many readings and get involved in as many local activities as possible. I’m also going to finish another manuscript.

When I have the book launch, I will open it to anyone who wants to come. So you’ll definitely get an invite.

As for NaPoWriMo, I’m not doing anything specific, just starting to gather ideas and lines so I’m ready to write poems daily starting next week. I have a book of exercises for kids by Kenneth Koch that I’ll thumb through later tonight for ideas.

What are you doing to prepare for NaPoWriMo?
susan said…
I keep stumbling, trying to find my way, trying to remain positive and to believe in me, the writer. I haven't been succeeding lately and then I come and read you, and I'm inspired again, hopeful again. I'm really glad you're here. Yes, what is a 1 1/2 yr? You've accomplished a lot. You're worth the wait.

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