Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! Time to confess. C’mom, admit it, own up, come clean, plead guilty—and we’ll do the same. Don’t forget to say hello to the folks doin’ five-to-ten in The Confessional.

Tried to dictate my post to the Dragon Dictation app on my iPhone. It transcribes my words into text, which I can then e-mail to myself. But sometimes the words look more like magnetic poetry than coherent text. Case in point:

“If it's Tuesday it must be confessed to Tuesday share a bit of yourself with us and we'll do the same and don't forget to say hello to the folks hanging out in the national”

Lesson learned: there’s no substitute for writing.


Groundhog Day bugs me (no pun intended). This antiquated tradition has become a media circus. Throngs of people stand around to watch a rodent “see” his shadow. Oh, please! Go watch your local meteorologist. Or better yet, consult your calendar, because most places in the continental U.S. will experience six more weeks of winter. (If you’re in the Northeast, it’s more like 16 weeks.)


In the last 36 hours, I’ve crossed more of my to-do list than I have in the past week. Just taking small, incremental steps—and having a plan in place—makes all the difference.

Here this week's poetry to-do’s:

1. Write 2 poems this week (haven’t written a poem in 2010. Ugh.)
2. Work on second manuscript
3. Apply for NEA Fellowship
4. Write article for Bread & Circus
5. Organize office
6. Find new venues to promote Underlife

My friends and I are kicking around the idea of a time-share. Not the traditional notion of buying a week of vacation time. This has to do with helping us tackle nagging household problems we can’t seem to solve on our own.

I have a problem with organizing my desk, maybe because I see it everyday. I find myself moving piles around instead of clearing them off my workspace. Another friend needs help redecorating her apartment. Another needs to reorganize her basement. So we may donate one day a month to each other’s headaches, offering a fresh eye and helping hand on getting a handle on each other’s stuff.


Have you read Dana Martin’s post, “Why Poetry Is Bullshit”? Check it out. She’s close to 100 reasons—help her reach the goal. This is how movements are started.


Oscars, baby!


Writer Bug said…
I love the time share idea!I know I'm a little far away, but if you don't mind traveling and could use another member, give me a shout!

Also, I'm about to do my first confessional!
Kells said…
RE: In the last 36 hours, I’ve crossed more of my to-do list than I have in the past week.

****ME TOO! Good for you!

I agree about the groundhog. Leave the little guy alone.

I need to get my NEA stuff organized. Can you say, Pro-cras-tin-ation!

love your confessions!
Dana said…
Thanks for contributing to the list. It's not mine -- it belongs to 80 or so contributors.

I had to shut the comments off. I felt like 120 comments on the matter was enough, and HTML Giant was bringing in too many lurkers for my comfort.

You start a new "Why Poetry Is Bullshit" list here. I'd love to see what your readers come up with.
January said…
Dana, I don't think I can measure up to that bullshit list. :) I think it's a terrific list, tho.
January said…
Kelli, I'm starting the NEA process this weekend. Good luck!
January said…
Bug, you rock my world! Thanks for confessing.

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