More Questions from FGCU Students

Claudia said...
Do you write your poems out on paper first, or do you type them on the computer?

I do both. I’m equally as comfortable writing on my laptop as my journal. If I’m writing in my journal, I always use a blue pen. Don’t know why, just a preference. If I'm doing a freewriting exercise, I try to do those on paper.


Dana said...
I was just wondering, have you ever written a poem and had it turn out perfectly without having to revise it—almost as if you went back to revise it the poem would lose some of the emotion or meaning you were feeling when you wrote it?

Yes, but that’s rare when it happens. From Underlife, "Discipline" is a good example a poem that I barely revised. I tend to revise less often, but there’s a real value in gaining some distance from a poem, and then looking at it with fresh eyes.


Jessie Carty said…
great questions. i can count on one hand, i think, the number of poems i've ever written that didn't have to go through some form of significant revision :)

i'm definitely getting to the point where i prefer typing over paper. my handwriting has not held up!
Devin Castro said…
I'm curious as to your purpose behind using a blog. You're a poet; you write stuff then publish it. So, is this simply a method for connecting to your reader(s)? If so, is it accomplishing its purpose? How do you think so?
Mollie Boyer said…
Hi, I'm also from Dr. Brock's class. I was wondering, while writing Underlife did you come across difficulties like writer's block, and if so, what kind of tricks do you find most helpful getting out of the slump?

Thanks! =]

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