Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday folks! Time to confess your sins of the week, on this last Tuesday in February. Share a little of yourself with us and we’ll be sure to do the same. Don’t forget to show a little mercy to the folks doin’ time in The Confessional.

This purse in the shape of a turtle was given to me by my BFF Suzie as a belated birthday gift. It’s symbolic; to remind me that in life, slow and steady wins the race. Thanks Suzie!


I completely missed Mardi Gras last week, which means I missed the start of Lent. I am a lapsed Catholic, but Lent was the one time during the year where I would practice the remnants of my faith. I used to give up things, and then I decided to make a conscious effort to do things for others. Now, I don’t do anything. I think of myself as spiritual person rather than religious one these days.


Being in Washington, D.C. this past weekend made me homesick for the area. D.C. was the first city I moved to after I left home in my early 20s, so I still feel an attachment there. I have no doubt that one day I’ll return there to live.


While I enjoyed the two readings I did in D.C., it was a net loss financially. I knew this going into the readings. You can count the amount of books I sold on one hand, and the number of attendees on two. But wasn’t so much about earning money or promoting Underlife. I had the chance to see old friends and fall in again with a city that holds a special place in my heart. I talked poetry with people I’ve never met before. It was about taking a risk and learning from the experience.

This is what I know about myself: the safest thing I can do is take a risk, while the riskiest thing for me is to play it safe. Not anymore. I’m listening to my instincts more and doing things that will improve the quality of life for my family and me, even if the payoffs aren’t the obvious ones.

I’d do the D.C. trip again in a heartbeat.


What an amazing gift—to be able to connect with people through poetry.


On the heels of D.C., I have many readings in the works. I’m entering the busiest time in my life professionally, so I’m working really hard to maintain some semblance of balance over the next few weeks.


If something has to give, then it seems to be reading books and writing poems. All of my other action items such as writing grants and reorganizing the office I’ve managed to do, but I’m not writing anything substantial.

I’m going to forgive myself a bit for not working on new poems and try to pick it up again in March (read: next week). Thanks Confessional. I feel better already.



Writer Bug said…
Sounds like a great trip! I never realized how much you loved DC. I haven't spent much time there, but hope to visit in the near future. I'll have to get some tips from you when I do!
January said…
Here's my biggest D.C. tip: almost all of the museums around The Mall are free--as it should be. You could spend a day down there and not see everything on your list.
Anonymous said…
sounds like a good trip! i'm so glad you're traveling for poetry!

i don't technically have confessions this week, but i do have some happy thoughts.
chicklegirl said…
I've never been to D.C. It sounds exhilarating. Especially those museums.

I have a few confessions this time around.
Jessie Carty said…
i'd love to make DC one of my stops on my "book tour" (i say haha on book tour cause you know how it is with poetry book tours) but i am not sure i know enough people there to warrant a specific trip.

i haven't written much at all myself recently. maybe it is something that just happens once the book is out?
January said…
Jessie, find a way to get to Busboys and Poets in DC. Haven't read there but it's a great place for poets to visit. They have readings in at least two locations.
Anonymous said…
I wish I could have made it to your reading in the area... Sounds like it was a great time! Busboys & Poets is a fabulous space. Even Anthony Bourdain opened his DC episode there.

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