Saturday, February 06, 2010

Flurries yet?

Have you ordered your National Poetry Month poster from the Academy of American Poets yet? Order while supplies last.


A special good morning to my friends in the Mid-Atlantic states. I think my parents are getting snow in the Tidewater area of Virginia, but not nearly as much as Washington, D.C. Hard to believe that Boston is missing out on this storm—that never happens.


Last night I took part in a meeting with the trashfinders. The third-annual Trashfinders Ball happens on February 27. This is our annual celebration of the things that get thrown away, and the people who salvage them. It’s also our neighborhood fundraiser. Details to come.


Kelli has a great idea for National Poetry Month. Participants sign up to offer two books of poems. Their names are entered in a drawing to receive books in a random book exchange. It’s a nice way to share books and learn about writers from all over. Visit her blog for more information.


I’m determined to get a little writing in today, but the weekend is action-packed. At some point, I will roller skate for the first time in 15 years. It’s all good, though. I’m bringing my camera with me to document my day. (Don't worry, I won't take pictures while skating.)


We now have flurries in the Boston area.


jessie carty said...

we managed to miss the storms this time in Charlotte but just a few hours north, still in NC they did receive the flurries..brrrrr

January said...

My parents missed it to, thank goodness. Stay warm!


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