My Day in Pictures

A few pictures from my Saturday.

After my early-morning hair appointment, I spent a few minutes at Starbucks. This is where I write when I'm not at home.

Lunch with Suzie and Suzie's iPhone.

A stop by Anthropologie to pick up a very special birthday present.

Roller skating? That's right! When was the last time you went roller skating? Try skating with two small kids for the first time ever on a busy Saturday. It was so much fun that I'm going back without the kids next week.

The day ended with an ice cream birthday party. (Happy 8th birthday, Eliza!)


odessa said… cream birthday party! that has my name written all over it :)

i haven't gone ice skating in years, maybe i should try to do it again. glad you had a great time.
January said…
I had a blast on the floor--brought be back to the 80s. (Yep, I'm showing my age.) You might enjoy taking a spin around the ice rink, Odessa.

The ice cream party was a nice twist from the cake parties everyone seems to be having lately. A good day had by all.
mister jim said…
Now there's a day..
I get tired reading
your blog lately!
jessie carty said…
i haven't been roller skating in at least 10 years when i tried out inline skates. no didn't like them!

looks like a great day :)

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