The Emily Dickinson Teapot.

"The dandelions pallid tube astonishes the grass, and winter instantly becomes an infinite alas." -Emily Dickinson

Why not?


Had major car drama that may be much to do about nothing--or the beginning of the end for my Subaru. My 2000 Outback has 211,000 miles on it and has had a myriad of problems. Well, after stalling in traffic yesterday I had it checked out. *I'm hopeful* that the problems have been solved. And it didn't cost much this time. Whew! I've had a heap of trouble with the car during the past year. Would be nice to get a few more months out of it before buying something new.


Short but sweet. Heading out to the performance of Confluence tonight. Feeling waterlogged and rain soaked this afternoon. Hope it's sunny in your corner of the world.


Collin Kelley said…
I LOVE that teapot. May have to buy one.
Catherine said…
Good luck with the car. It sounds like you do a heap of miles in it, I'm a little gobsmacked by the total it has accumulated in just over ten years!
January said…
Catherine, I got a reprieve on my Subaru. It was a fixable problem. But I do think it's time for something new.

I drive a long distance to and from work every day. That's how I racked up so many miles.
January said…
Collin, me too!
Jessie Carty said…
my car ended up getting totaled (it was rear-ended) before i could really get the rest of it's life out of it. had 120K on it and was 7 years old. we had made the decision that if we ever spent more than about $3000 in a year on repairs we'd replace cause about $3000 a year is a car payment

Have fun at the reading!

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