Thursday Round-up

I’m still aglow from last night’s SPEAK UP! reading at Tatiana's Restaurant. It may have been the most fun I’ve had reading my work. (Well, the launch party ranks #1, but this was a close second.) The audience was full of storytellers, so it was more like a conversation than a poetry reading. I’ve never had a group clap after each poem. And when I read “Sex and Pizza,” a gentleman gave me a pizza box!

Tony Toledo runs the SPEAK UP! readings and open mike, and is a fine storyteller in his own right. He does an amazing job of cultivating the creative community—this is a reading series I encourage you to seek out. Thanks Tony!


Dodge! Dodge! Dodge! Dodge! Dodge!

I’ve already requested the time off from work: October 7-10, 2010.


Also, the Second Annual Boston Book Festival date has been announced: October 16.


And, for those of you wondering what underlife means … The word underlife has been listed with Urban Dictionary for four years, but now it has a new definition.

Yes, I am redefining language! *smile*


jessie carty said…
i love a good reading night, open mike. two of my favorite events in good old NC are next week and I can't wait!
Dana said…
Wow! That is good, getting in Urban Dictionary. I mean it.
January said…
Thanks Dana.

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