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For those who like dream interpretation, tell me what you think of this. I dreamt I was a no-show for a big-deal poetry reading.
In the dream, the reading was in Cambridge, not sure of the actual location but it seemed like Cambridge. There were at least 40 people waiting for me to read. I get there with enough time, go in, meet the host, and see that my friend Jennifer and her husband have a table near the front. There are three readers scheduled, but I’m reading first. So far, so good.

But then I realize that forgot the copies of Underlife I brought for sale in my trunk, so I leave the club for the car. And then I think to myself, I should go get my mother, who is staying with me. (My mother lives in VA.) Why I didn’t bring her in the first place, I’m not sure. But I tell myself I have plenty of time, so I leave to pick her up. When I get to my house, I find out that the hot water heater is broken. Water is leaking everywhere. I call the plumber, who comes over and can’t fix it right away, so he gives me instructions on what to do to get the water out of the basement.

Realizing there’s nothing I can do for the basement at this point, mom and I go to the reading. But now I can’t find parking (if you know Cambridge, this is not a big surprise). I tell myself that the host will just move me to the back of the lineup, but I don’t call to tell him any of this. After a while, I have the sinking feeling that I’ve missed the reading completely. I check my iPhone and see that I have 122 voice mail messages. I go back, see that everyone’s left except for Jennifer, who yells at me for missing the reading and letting everyone down.

*Sigh.* Talk about my worst nightmare—this one is right up there!

It was like the dream was having me--to quote a friend. I think all of my stressors are boiling over, and boy did I feel stressed throughout the dream experience. I haven't had a lot of dreams lately in the past year that I remember so the fact that I'm posting it is significant to me.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


Kathleen said…
Oh, dear! But my humorous answer, given all the water, is, "Did you wake up needing to pee?"

I think you are right that all the stress is getting to you, and this is one of those cautionary dreams that is alerting you to the stress so you can handle whatever needs to be handled and you will be fine!

Looks like you are examining your values, making sure you take care of your mother and her needs as well as yourself and your poetry life, and seeing how it all connects. Again, as troubling as the dream is while you are having it, it's probably helping you take care of everything so you don't have to stress ultimately!

Lovely that Poet Mom dreams of her mom!
Jennifer Jean said…
having made a guest appearence in the dream/nightmare i feel a bit odd commenting, but here goes anywho: water in dreams usually signifies emotion, so you can look at the water heater situation with that in mind; also, most everyone in your dream is you--so it wasn't me yelling at you (phew!), likely your "poet-self" was yelling at you; this means your mom was your "mom-self" and you were trying to take care of that part of you or incorporate that part into your poetry life. this is really a poet-mom dream! i know too that trying to bring these worlds together or just trying to manage both is difficult... sigh...
Jennifer Jean said…
ps: you're doing great. it's ok to take a break (telling myself this too :)
January said…
Jennifer, stop yelling at me! (Just kidding.)
January said…
Thanks Jennifer and Kathleen for the feedback.

And no, Kathleen, I did not have to pee after the dream. I did check my calendar, however, to get my grip back on reality. :)

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