Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, folks! It's time to confess. Is there something you want to tell us? Great, because we want to hear it! Share a little of yourself with us and we promise to do the same.

Now that summer's over, everything seems to be ramping back up at once. Work, my reading schedule, kids' activities--all areas seem to have gone from zero to 60 in no time. So I'm looking for ways to simplify so I can expend more energy in certain areas while others lapse for a while (read: housework).

This is a good problem to have.


I've given up on work-life balance. In fact, I put my energy where I need to put it at any given time, and then I pull back as soon as I can. I wouldn't call it balance so much as trying to intergrate the at-times disparate parts of my life and making them play nice.


I've finally finished reordering the poems in my second manuscript! Huge accomplishment because I find that part of the process daunting. It hard to switch things up after living with a certain order for so long. But it's finished. I have a little formatting to do, but the plan is to send it out to a few friends for review today before sending off to the publisher at the beginning of October.

The manuscript is stronger and more consistent in tone--that's a great feeling. I dropped four poems and added five. And the title Little Misery is still the working title.

Woo hoo!


Last night I stayed up late working on the manuscript working while watching The Bourne Ultimatum for the umpteenth time. Damn you Matt Damon and those action-packed sequences.


Needless to say, I thought about skipping confessions because I'm exhausted, and I don't think I've ever skipped a Tuesday post. Then I realized I've never skipped a Tuesday post, so here were are.

Have a great Tuesday!


dylan said…
Something I want to share: Earlier this week, I bought What Work Is (1991, National Book Award), by current U.S. poet laureate, Philip Levine!
Catherine said…
Congratulations on finishing the manuscript!
January said…
Thanks Catherine!
January said…
Dylan, What Work Is is one of my all-time favorite books. Enjoy!
martha said…
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