Confession Tuesday

It's Confession Tuesday. You know the drill.

It's been a kid-tastic weekend (read: play dates, birthday parties, apple picking). In fact, we celebrated Alex's 8th birthday at Chuck E Cheese's. Fortunately, this is my last Chuck E Cheese birthday for 2011. I'm exhausted, so exhausted that going to work will feel like a rest!

I am just grateful that no matter how stressful and crazy life gets, I am there to see all the big and small moments in Alex and Ella's lives. Can't believe I am the mother of an 8- and 6-year old. Where does the time go? Never a dull moment, I tell you.

Speaking of which, Ella lost her first tooth last night! She was so excited, and had no qualms about twisting the loose tooth until it came out. That girl has no fear.


The weather this Columbus Day weekend has been spectacular! Record-breaking temperatures. This August-like weather has been good for the soul. Needless to say, we spent a good amount of time outdoors. This week will be more seasonable but this last gasp of summer has been wonderful.


I'm going to Seattle on Wednesday! Sooo looking forward to my West Coast visit. Special thanks to Susan Rich for setting up the readings. While there are many wonderful things to see and do in Seattle, I'd like to visit the Space Needle, the Seaport District, and a Starbucks (of course!). Too bad the Mariners didn't make it to the playoffs--would have loved to seen a game.

What else should I see? I have one full day to do the touristy stuff.


The manuscript is done! I have taken it as far as I can in this round. Today, I'll mail copies off to my publisher. I'm hoping for the best but expecting the worst--I'm cautiously optimistic.

There are 50 poems in the collection, broken down into four sections. The changes I made tightened up individual poems while working with the overall tone and flow. The m'script is definitely stronger for it, thanks to many friends and poets who read my poems. My guess is I won't hear anything from the publisher until the New Year, but it would be great to close out 2011 knowing this book has a home.


Will post pics from Seattle this week!


Jeannine said…
Be sure to visit Open Books if you can - the place is spectacular for poets! (Across the street is a little complex with the best cupcakes in town, Trophy Cupcakes, and down the block one of my favorite Neapolitan pizza joints, Tutta Bella pizza, which also has amazing little cannoli cones and a kickass Nutella cappuccino. So you can do that all in one visit! (Those are the places I always take visiting poets, FYI.)
Hope to see you tomorrow!
January said…
Yahoo! See you tomorrow, Jeannine.

Hoping to get in a visit to Open Books and as many eateries as humanly possible!
Anonymous said…
Omigosh how exciting! I swear, the Pacific Northwest is Poetry Central these days -- I'm so jealous! ;o) Have a wonderful trip!

And fingers crossed for a Happy New Year / happy home your manuscript!

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