Kibbles and Bits

I think I'm suffering from jet lag. That's what happens when I don't get much sleep, then go out of town and get lots of sleep, then come back home to my sleepless pattern. Hmmm ... maybe I should go out of town more.


This Sunday, October 23, I'm teaching a workshop at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education’s Fall Writers’ Conference. The topic will be poetry and music, with an audience of poets and nonpoets in attendance.

Here's the description:

Poetry and Music with January Gill O’Neil

There is no poetry without music. And it is the job of the poet to recreate the experience of hearing music in poetic form. January Gill O’Neil will lead a session designed to focus our attention on the music in poetry. This session is part conversation, part workshop. Bring a favorite poem to discuss. We’ll also have a freewrite session so you will leave with at least one new draft.


I heard it through the grapevine that there will be poetry readings in support of Occupy Boston. Cool. More to come.


Happy Friday, folks!


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