Seattle: Day 2

Day 2 in Seattle looked a lot like day one: overcast, no rain, and a blur of activity.

I spent yesterday afternoon at Highline Community College with students who I believe were both high school and college students. I gave a mid-morning talk and taught in Susan Rich's afternoon class. I think it went well--I was happy with my presentations. Since I don't teach regularly, I'm always critical of myself in a classroom setting.

My thanks to Susan and the folks at HCC for making me feel so welcome.


I'm currently hanging out at a Starbucks that overlooks the Puget Sound. Susan and I managed to get in a writing session here last night, so I'm revising my drafts. We've been talking a lot about the East Coast/West Coast poetry scenes. So very interesting this pobiz we are in. And the more I read, the less I seem to know about contemporary poetry.


Books I have picked up on my visit:

Marth Silano, The Little Office of the Immaculate Conception
Frances McCue, The Bled
Don Me Choi, The Morning News Is Exciting
Jess Walter, The Financial Lives of Poets (fiction)


The one time I'm in town, Open Books is closed! Drat! The owners are taking a vacation. Drat! Drat! Drat!


Went to Poppy for dinner and had a true culinary experience. Thalis, anyone?


My view from Starbucks.


Sorry about Open Books. You'll just have to come back then. ;-)

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