Painted Word Poetry Series

Many thanks to Major Jackson for inviting Deborah Landau and me to read at the Painted Word poetry reading series at the University of Vermont. The audience was terrific, very attentive and appreciative--couldn't ask for anything more.

Deborah (right) sitting with student Rose Powell

Earlier in the day, we sat down with UVMtv, the student-run TV station, to tape a Q & A session. I will post the clips when available.

Deborah is the creative writing program director at NYU and author of The Last Usable Hour (Copper Canyon Press). The book was inspired by her bouts of insomnia, from which she created this well-honed sequence of smaller lyric poems to create a book-length narrative. As an NYU alumna, I know Deborah from the university connection. So it was nice to hear her poems at The Fleming Museum, and to speak with her later in a less formal setting.

Special thanks to the students who joined us for dinner after the reading. You asked great poetry and pobiz questions—you are well on your way to doing great things. Good luck!


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