On the Road Again

My thanks to Doug Holder for inviting me to his class at Endicott College this past Tuesday. The students asked great questions and wrote terrific drafts from my prompts. They seem to really support each other, which was great to see. And, they shared their appreciation by snapping their fingers instead of applauding. A first for me!

(I have to say, I was a little freaked out by the snapping. While it was cool, I’m just trained to hear clapping. Makes me think that people can still surprise me.)


I’m about to head back to the Boston area from my University of Vermont visit. So much fun and no snow, thank goodness. More on my reading and visit tomorrow.


I was just asked to be on the advisory committee for AWP Boston. *squeal!*


Wednesday was an up and down day. The past doesn’t want to stay in the past sometimes, and when people are lost they lash out. But, no looking back. No regrets. No more downdrafts. The buffers are off. Honestly, there’s so much to look forward to I just can’t stand it.

Thanks Colleen, Kristi, and Jo Jo for keeping me on track.


“I used to be somebody, but now I am somebody else. Who I’ll be tomorrow is anybody’s guess.”


Jennifer Jean said…
congrats on the AWP committee appointment! can't wait to hear about Vermont. and about the snapping...i'm still processing processing processing...
Martha Silano said…
You sure get around, January! Sounds like a lot of fun, and snapping to boot. Hope the skies stay clear for you. I am SO enjoying your book. It's a beaut.
January said…
Thanks Martha! I have been reading your book too--took it with me to Vermont. A very fine collection.
January said…
Jennifer--thanks. The snapping, it was weird but good.
Susan Rich said…
Congrats on AWP! I hope Vermont was fun. I can't wait to be in touch again. Heard from Michelle at PEM today...fingers crossed! Much love, S
Collin Kelley said…
Congrats on AWP! Whip 'em into shape. :)

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