Seattle: Day 3

I have been eating my way through Seattle! Most of the food pictures are up on FB, but here are a few others from yesterday. (Having trouble formatting the photos, darn it.)

The original Starbucks! One of three I visited.

Pike Place Market

Susan at the market

"Little green balls of death."

The Pig

"E is for Emily"

Lunch: seafood cerviche and soup

A golden man

No rain on this trip.

Seattle sunset.

A one-person, electric car.


Martha Silano said…
You were here to witness one of the best Seattle sunsets ever = how lucky is that?

I saw the golden man yesterday too (he was near Westlake Center).

Yum, that ceviche looks good--where did you buy that? I must try it ...

I love an enthusiastic Seattle tourist; it really is a fun town for that.
Jeannine said…
Sorry to miss you, but love the shots - Seattle is a great town to visit. But you've got to come back when Open Books is open and I'm able to come see you!

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