Join us this week!

Let your friends know that the OccuPoets will be supporting Occupy Boston this week every day starting TODAY, Oct. 24 through FRI Oct. 28, from 2-3 p.m. Poets will be limited to 3 minutes, except for invited featured readers, who include:

Richard Cambridge and Marc Goldberg on Tuesday
Susan Eisenberg on Wednesday
Alice Weiss on Thursday
Fred Marchant and January O'Neil on Friday.

You can find us at Dewey Plaza, opposite South Station, just outside the camp. Show your support for Occupy Boston, enjoy poetry, and share...your words, books, snacks, presence. Please forward to all interested!

There's still time to sign up officially to read. Just email Peter Desmond at taxhombre@gmail.com.


Susan Rich said…
Love this! Maybe we can get something happening in Seattle!

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