Weekend Wrap-up

I took a lot of photos of the kids this weekend, and this slightly blurry picture is my favorite. How lucky am I to be the mom of these two sweet peas?


Busy weekend that began with a visit from my BFF Kristi and family, and ended with a birthday party for Ella Rose at Chuck E Cheese’s. She turns five on Wednesday!

(Note to parents: Chuck E. Cheese's is not nearly as scary in the middle of summer as it is during the fall and winter when the temperature drops. Fewer kids means a less crazed afternoon on Planet Cheese.)


Tomorrow I’m reading in New York at the Jackson Heights Poetry Festival for their Open Tuesdays event. I’m bringing the kids with me for their first visit to the city. It will be short but sweet, but I’m excited to travel with the kids.


For as long as I have known her, Kristi had never seen me read my poetry in public until coming with me to the Boston Poet Tea Party on Friday. I'm sure it's the same way for many writers out there, but it's just fascinating to think that there are close friends of mine (parents included) who have never seen me read.

Occasionally, I've taken Alex and Ella to my readings. I don't do it often, but when I do, I come well prepared with crayons and coloring books. They like it when I read my poems about them and tell stories. It's good for them to see what I do--gives them a better perspective when I have to spend time away from home.


Do you have close friends or family members who have never seen you read your poetry or fiction before a live audience?


Anonymous said…
none of my close friends or family has seen me read my poetry because I am too chicken ( i frequently irritate my wife and kids reciting other peoples stuff - including, a fair imitation of Ezra Pound and Allen Ginsberg....)

you have a lot of courage to do so many readings and put yourself out there - something I admire about the "bi-racial hair" poet girl who was on PBS this weekend reading her poem....
January said…
Which PBS show did you hear the poet reading about her hair, Marc? I'd love to find out more info.

Thanks for the kind words. Once you start reading in public, gets easier over time. And the subject matter becomes less and less daunting.
Anonymous said…
i think the name of the show was "Afro-pop" - you cane see her (zora) on youtube performing it here:
Odessa said…
january, i know i keep saying this, but your kids are just gorgeous! i hope you frame this and give it to them when they grow up. such a beautiful moment.
January said…
Thanks Odessa. You're very kind. Hope you are enjoying the summer.
January said…
Thanks for the link, Marc. I'll check it out tonight.
Jessie Carty said…
very few people in my family have actually seen me read live. i know a few have watched my video readings. instead my husband and one sister are the only ones who've seen me do it LIVE :)

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