Go Red Sox

... and take the Bruins with you!!!


Thank goodness the Sox have lost thee out of five games to the New York Yankees. Instead of watching the rest of the season, I can do those things I've put off such as talking to my family and friends, writing poems, toilet-training my 3-year old, reading a book, making plans for the future, etc.

*Really Big SIGH* *Arms thrown up in frustration*

If the Sox go on an amazing win streak and make it to the postseason, I'll see if there's space for me back on the wagon. Until then, I'm going to pop in my 2004 Red Sox World Series DVD and relive the good ol' days.

I'm too emotionally distraught for Sunday Scribblings (also, I've never owned a pet, which is this week's prompt). But I can't wait to see what everyone else is writing about.


bostonerin said…
I was at yesterday's game. We left at the end of the 6th inning.

'nuff said.
January said…
Oh, I'm so sorry.


We'll have to get together for dinner and my Red Sox 2004 DVD!
Writing Blind said…
There, there now, it's not so bad. There's always the Wild Card.
January said…
I doubt it. I think the Wild Card will come out of the AL Central.

*sadness* *gloom* *dispair*

WB, what was it like in 2004 when the Sox spanked the Yankees? I mean, how did you deal with the pain and loss against the greatest comeback of all time?

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