Oh, Donald!

From, Poets & Writers magazine:

Q: What are you most looking forward to about this appointment?
A: Probably the sale of my books.

At least our newly appointed Poet Laureate Donald Hall is honest, and admits that books sales matter. Far too many established poets decline to talk about poetry as a business.

Read more of this short Q&A with Donald Hall at "Poets & Writers, Inc.


twitches said…
Hee hee - I love it! And I can see what he means; not just the money, but the opportunity to communicate to probably the broadest audience an American poet can ever get.
Well, Donald Hall is a pretty gruff character anyway. I read this Q&A too...much of his sentiment can be also summed up when he said, "I knew this appointment was not made by the administration. I was not to be George Bush's poet." I know a lot of people thought he'd decline the appointment in protest of the administration. I love his work, though, how he is critical of even himself in his lines...and his book, "The Painted Bed", tears my heart out!
paris parfait said…
Isn't it the truth that we all suffer and don't make enough money for our art? So that kind of honesty is refreshing.
January said…
Twitches: You're absolutely right. Being Poet Laureate can garner a lot of attention to a wide audience.

Delia: I think Hall will make a fine Poet Laureate (until I'm ready to take on the job). That Bush quote made my day--at that point I knew the position was in good hands.

Tara: It's too bad more of us don't get paid to do what we love. I can appreciate Hall's honesty when it comes to this position and his career.
Writing Blind said…
I love his honesty. This is the kind of Poet Laureate we need. At least until it's January's turn. :)
jim said…
He's also a big old Teddy Bear, too. At least he's not trying to be everybody's buddy.

By the way, I'm really sorry I won't be going to the Dodge this year. But perhaps next time, in two years?
January said…
Jim, I'm sorry you won't be at Dodge, too. Wish I had known you two years ago, but I look forward to meeting up with you at Dodge 2008. Yikes!

(I'm thinking about attending AWP in Atlanta next year.)

Funny you mention Dodge when you did--be sure to read my most recent post.

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