Open Source: The Poetry of Franz Wright and Fanny Howe

Can't say enough good things about the radio show Open Source and its host, Christopher Lydon. Produced out of UMass Lowell and by Public Radio International, Open Source is a public dialogue of sorts, where we, the audience, can participate via the blog on current or upcoming show topics. (That's my interpretation--now sure how else to describe it.)

I love this show because often they devote a solid hour to poetry, art, and sociological and political issues. And, Chris Lydon's voice easy on the ears--no one turns a phrase quite like him.

So last week they did a show featuring poets Franz Wright and Fannie Howe. Also, a while back, they did a program on Poetry on the Web. You can listen to the audio file, download a podcast, or read the blog posts.

Whether you want to hear more pointed discussions on culture, or talk about the news abroad from different angles, Open Source is worth a listen. And if you want to hear more poetry and literature discussions, by all means tell them!


twitches said…
This sounds cool! I'll check it out!
bb said…
I'll check this out - i know it's a cliche but it's amazing how blogging and the internet makes the world so small and accessible - poets of the world unite ;-)

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