Tigers 3, Sox 2


It was a great night at Fenway Park. Great seats, great company--all in all, a well-played defensive game. We just came out on the losing side.

As of now, I am still officially on the Red Sox bandwagon, but anticipate jumping off Monday afternoon after the Sox-Yankees series at Fenway. The Sox just have too many question marks in their line-up. No pop in the bats. No swerve in the curve. David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez can't carry the team by themselves. (Again, the team needs you Tek!)

(Thanks for letting me indulge in baseball talk. Tomorrow, back to reality and Poetry Thursday.)


Years and years ago my dad pitched a no hitter against the great Satchel Paige. My dad loved baseball, he was a great pitcher, and could have gone on to the major leagues, but chose to marry my mother and go silver and gold mining with his dad. He had his chance with the Los Angeles Angels.
January said…
Have you written about it? I think that's an amazing story!

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