Random Thoughts from a Barnes & Noble

1. How is it that those little 2" x 2" books at the checkout counters sell? 365 Days of Gratitude. 55 Travel Tips. Living Your Dream. How much wisdom can be gained from a book smaller than my cell phone? Those authors must be rich.

2. Why can't I think of a concept for one of those tiny books? I'd make oodles of money. Scads of money. Then I could earn enough cash to support my family and my poetry, while giving my husband a golf allowance. (Tim's always said that he would be a stay-at-home dad as long as he had a golf allowance.) Now that's living a dream!

3. If I ever do publish, please please please let me never end up at in the $1 clearance bin.

4. I really have a thing for Justin Timberlake. I'm not denying it anymore.

5. How many people have fingered through the magazine I just bought?

6. If I'm not publishing my poems in print, or making money with it, does that make my poetry a vocation or a hobby?

7. I am a poetry anthology junkie but today I can't find a decent one. They are equivalent to the pu-pu platters at Chinese restaurants--they offer the best nibbles when looking for a lot of different tastes. Did settle on Word of Mouth: Poems Featured on All Things Considered.

8. Burnt my mouth on hot chocolate. Why does it have to be so damn hot?


deirdre said…
I have to admit that I had a verrry good book-buying time from the dollar bin this week. I agree, don't ever let me end up in the dollar bin. And those little books...I think it's just the cute factor, novelty. I look at them all the time, but haven't bought one in years (decades?).
twitches said…
Those little books are for gifts you have to buy for people you don't really like. SO be insulted if you ever receive one as a present.

And if you're not getting published or compensated, your poetry is a calling.

And I really like that new Timberlake song "sexyback." I'm not denying it either.
Jennifer said…
You will never be in the $1 bin! No way!
Writing Blind said…
I totally agree with everything. Except the Justin Timberlake thing. I was always a Lance Bass fan but we see how that turned out.
January said…
Y'all are too funny!

Let's hope we all stay out of the $1 bin.
Ceebie said…
Here's definitely hoping we do stay out of that bin...But there are so many talented authors out there who just don't have the attention of their publicist because they're overshadowed by giants like Atwood or Ondaatje (here in Canada). So there might be some gems in there yet!
J.B. Rowell said…
I might be ok to make it in the dollar bin - that would mean an actual published book - as long as my poetry does better when I'm gone. ;)

My mom bought me a little book of teaching quotes when I went into the profession - does that mean she doesn't like me? :)
ecm said…
Yes, those little books are ridiculous. Does anyone read them? And I feel like hot chocolate is always so hot.

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