Poetry Meme

Thanks to Chief Biscuit for the meme. Of course, I had to put a poetry spin on it.

1. One poem that changed your life? Allen Ginsberg's "Howl"
Read it in my first creative writing class and thought, "You can say that in poetry?" Also, Ntozake Shange's "With No Immediate Cause" (scroll down the link to read poem)

2. One poem you've read more than once? Elizabeth Bishop's "The Moose"

3. One poem you'd want on a desert island? Walt Whitman's "Out of the Cradle, Endlessly Rocking"

4. One poem that made you laugh? e.e. cummings' "Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town"

5. One poem that made you cry? Lucille Clifton's "The Lost Baby Poem"
Before my son was born, I had a miscarriage. So this poem resonated for me. Amazing how a someone else's words can sum up how you are feeling more so than your own.

6. One poem that you wish you had written? Stephen Dunn's "The Routine Things Around the House"
I love how he handles the taboo issues in this poem.

7. One poem you wish had never been written? T.S. Elliot's "The Wasteland"
Poets are forever tagged with the line "April is the cruelest month." But I haven't read it a while. Maybe I'll give it another look-see someday.

8. One poetry book you are currently reading? Pictures That Got Small by James Brock

9. One poetry book you have been meaning to read? Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman

10. One anthology you read often: Contemporary American Poetry by A. Poulin (editor)
I think it's in its 6th edition, but I'm partial to the 4th edition with its red worn cover and dog-eared pages. Although, it's called "contemporary" but features Robert Lowell, Elizabeth Bishop, and Allen Ginsberg--I always thought that was a bit of a contradiction.

So what are some of your favorite poems?


wendylou who? said…
ee cummings, as you may have guessed, is a personal


I have to remind myself..that I am not ee....I need to be ORIGINAL..not a bad copy.

You are sooo much better read (or educated)than I am...I must study more masters.. I love that you are reading Jim Brocks book. How cool and walk the walk of you...I better get on Amazon...You are a fearless leader!!
January said…
You are WAY too kind, Wendylou!

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