April PAD Challenge

Robert Lee Brewer at Poetic Asides is running a Poem a Day (PAD) Challenge: 30 poems in 30 days. As added incentive, he and other poets are choosing participants' poems for a PAD eBook. Too complicated for me to explain the ins and outs, so visit Poetic Asides for details.

Here's the list of judges volunteering their time to read the poems:

* Seth Abramson
* Sandra Beasley
* Shaindel Beers
* Mary Biddinger
* Jericho Brown
* Edward Byrne
* Sage Cohen
* J.P. Dancing Bear
* Jim Daniels
* Mark Doty
* Annie Finch
* Nick Flynn
* Jeannine Hall Gailey
* Guy LeCharles Gonzalez
* Vince Gotera
* S.A. Griffin
* Tom C. Hunley
* Collin Kelley
* Amy King
* Dorianne Laux
* Alex Lemon
* Reb Livingston
* Diane Lockward
* Marilyn Nelson
* Aimee Nezhukumatathil
* Chad Prevost
* Don Share
* Martha Silano
* Patricia Smith
* Anne Tardos

Yea! A few poet/bloggers on the list.

I participated in (and completed) NaPoWriMo and the PAD Challenge in '08. This year's twist raises the stakes a bit. So if you're writing a poem a day in April, consider the PAD Challenge.


Catherine said…
I visited your link, but they don't make it at all clear how to sign up or participate - can you explain how it works? Do we just leave a poem in the comments for each day's prompt or is there some more complicated way to sign up?
odessa said…
wow, the list of writers look pretty impressive! i'll have to go check it out. thanks for sharing!
January said…
I think it will be a fun challenge, Odessa.
January said…
Catherine, if it;s like last year's challenge, you post your poem on the Poetic Asides blog daily. I think it's as simple as that.

I did find this under March 10 on the Poetic Asides blog:

"For those who weren't reading the blog a year ago, the April PAD Challenge is where I provide a prompt and poem each day and poets are challenged to do the same. Not every poet writes each day, though some write multiple poems daily, but every poet (whether well-published or brand spanking new) is encouraged to participate. Last year's participants literally ranged from those who'd published full length collections of poetry to those who were writing (and sharing) their first ever poems."

You can always e-mail Robert directy. He's very nice.
January said…
Catherine, here's a link for the frequently asked questions?


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