The Strand

When I was a grad student at NYU, the Strand Book Store was a haven. I’d wander through the endless stacks looking for some undervalued, half-price gem that someone sold.

The Strand is one of the largest booksellers in the world, claiming 18 miles of books under their roof.

Since I was last there, the old, dingy store got a remodel. I think there are now three floors. I found myself wandering to the top floor, the children’s section (pictured above), watching a few parents reading books to their kids.

As much of a thrill as it was to see two copies of Joseph Legaspi’s book, Imago, in the poetry section, it was so cool Erin Dionne’s book, Models Don’t Eat Chocolate Cookies, in the young adult section.


odessa said…
very soon, your book will find its place in their exciting!
Collin Kelley said…
Yeah, The Strand is a little to clean and bright now, but I still love it. lol
Erin Dionne said…
Eeek! Thanks for showing MODELS some book-love in NYC!

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