Daylight Savings

I am dog tired! Walked all over the Village, NYU, and SoHo today.


I like reading Eat Pray Love while eating my way through the city.


I've had terrific time talking poetry with Joseph Legaspi. His apt. Is filed with books from floor to ceiling. If I can figure out how to upload a picture from my iphone, I'll give you a glimpse into this world


Tomorrow, a visit to the Strand bookstore ... And more food!


Maya Ganesan said…
Books! Aren't they just the perfect companions?
Word is he's got bookshelves now. :D
Goodnight, Mom said…
I wish I were there with you both!!! Eat some for me!
odessa said…
sounds like you had a wonderfully busy day. i have yet to read Eat Pray Love.
January said…
Odessa, I think you'll like Eat. It's very conversational in tone.

Olie, no new bookcases, but fewer books. Still, he has a formiable collection in the living room. Photos to come.
cornshake said…
re: dear joseph's books--it's about the only thing (besides food and shopping at herald sq) that can keep me indoors in chelsea! hope you are having a good time! does he have wireless finally??
Collin Kelley said…
I LOVE The Strand. Have fun.

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