Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

My confession this week is southern-fried! A confession from the great state of Virginia, on the eve of National Poetry Month! Time to leave the sins of March behind and step into April in all of its glory.

I’m at my parents’ home taking care of mom after surgery. She’s good, getting stronger every day. Dad and I have only stepped on each other’s toes once, which is a huge deal for us.


True confession: I’m enjoying my time here in Virginia. I mean REALLY enjoying it. Helping my parents is my priority, but I’m getting a week away from my daily routine. So with my husband’s blessing, I’ve let go of my guilt for leaving the kids and resting, writing, and relaxing. Just the spring-like weather has done my heart so much good.

My hometown seems to significantly change every time I visit. Fortunately, I brought my camera and have been taking photos of my favorite places. Hope to post a few pics later today.


NaPoWriMo baby! I’ve been a bit concerned about writing with so much going on. But I’ve managed to eke out enough time for freewrites. I’m hoping this will be a great jumpstart to April.


Found out yesterday that my book, Underlife, is finally in production. Woo hoo! Should get copyedits this week. It’s finally happening.


In March, I didn’t send out many poems for submissions as I had in the last two months, but I did submit a packet to read at the Miami Book Fair International, and for a reading series in Washington D.C.


"East Coast. West Coast. It's don't matter." I'm looking for places to read across the U.S., so if you have suggestions for venues I can query, let me know.


April to-do’s to come!


Anonymous said…
glad you're able to take good care of yourself while you're away! and so glad that your mom's getting stronger!

oh -- and the book! the book! wow ... so exciting. it's happening!
...deb said…
Portland, Oregon is a great place for writing, reading, books, etc.

Not only do we have the largest bookstore in the world, Powell's, it is an independent. And there are other indies. Reading opportunities abound. I'll try to find a couple of names (since I don't have a book or even a chapbook, it is all raw ground to me).

So glad your mom is better.

My confession is a little low energy, but that is how it is, sometimes.

My word verification is "booke" ... haha!
January said…
Deb, maybe you should be looking into these venues for yourself! Thanks for the suggestion. Powell's would be a great place to read. I'll keep it in mind.
January said…
Carolee and Deb), Thanks for the support. Mom's getting better by the day.

And yes, the book is finally happening!
susan said…
Could you look anymore alike? Very nice photo, January.

I could have sworn I commented earlier.
susan said…

I hear you and you make a specific distinction: your blog is a personal, creative space. I'm making the argument, that your blog is also a space you've made public and that if readers take time to comment, common courtesy dictates we reply. And how is the point loss that I am not advocating 100% response? Are we too busy to acknowledge each other? Are we becoming islands to ourselves, oblivious to everyone around us?
Goodnight, Mom said…
January said…
Set it up, baby! I'll be there. Maybe the Y should sponsor a charity poetry reading. Hmmm ...

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