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How many professional literary organizations do you belong to? How many literary journals do you subscribe to? (I know, I'm asking two questions, and both sentences end with prepositions. Deal!).

Surprisingly, I am not a member of any national or regional organizations. Well, none that I pay membership fees--I am a member of Cave Canem. But I'm wondering if I'm missing out on member benefits that could be helpful in my writing career. How much of an asset is it to be a member of, for instance, AWP or the National Writers Union, if I don't live in NYC? Am I missing out on networking opportunities? What about the swag?

As for literary journals, I subscribe to Poets & Writers and American Poetry Journal without fail. But I don't regularly subscribe to poetry journals or reviews. With money tight these days, I really have to consider ever dollar that leaves my wallet.

So which organizations or journals do you support with your dollars and (good) sense?


~ said…
There are two great organizations for poets in Washington state--

Artist Trust (which is fantastic!)
and WPA (Washington Poets Assn) which keeps you in the loop to all the poetry happenings (and it's dues are only $10) I'm a member of both.

As for literary journals- I subscribe to North American Review, 5 a.m., Poetry, New Letters, Crab Orchard Review, and the Georgia Review (though I think that subscription just ended).

I get Poets & Writers as well.

With the economy, I have been letting a few of my subscriptions slide a bit and just subscribing to my very favorites. I really like 5 am a lot.
January said…
As far as I know, Massachusetts does not have a cohesive poetry organization.

I tend to spend my money on books and not journals. I'd love to support them, but that's just not feasible this year.
Collin Kelley said…
I'm a member of AWP and also two local organization, Georgia Writers Association and Poetry Atlanta. I subscribe to two lit mags and buy P&W at the bookstore.
i don't belong to any, but perhaps that heightens my feeling in writing in obscurity? i loved the workshops i've been in, just haven't taken the plunge on the professional orgs yet.
C. Dale said…
I am taking a poll on your second question over at The Muse: http://avoidmuse.blogspot.com
~ said…
I forgot AWP, also a member.

I was once a member of PSA & Acad. of American Poets, but all their events are on the East coast, I kind of felt like the kid who lived in the wrong part of town.
Writer Bug said…
I'm a member of the Nat'l Association of Science Writers (not exactly literary, but along the same lines). They offer good networking and job links. I've been a member of the Nat'l Writers' Union on and off. I really love their mission, and I think their contract help is AMAZING. They also hold some neat events. I would love to join AWP at some point, when the budget allows.
32poems.com said…
I subscribe to a lot of magazines. I run a magazine, so I know if people don't sub that these magazines won't last. Obviously, you/we/everyone needs to eat.

If you (meaning anyone reading this and not just January) are able to subscribe to magazines again, I highly encourage you to do so. I also encourage you to ask your local library to order poetry books you like -- helps support poetry presses -- and ask your university library to subscribe to literary journals. Preferably, you'll ask them to sub to journals that publish a lot of poetry!
January said…
Point well taken. In fact, I made a public push for subscribing to journals in my recommended NPM activities. Come by and check out my most recent posts.

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