Quick Hits

TGIFF! (No, that's not a typo.)

It's it me, or does it seem like a slow crawl to the weekend?


Have you been watching the war of words between talk show host Jon Stewart and financial commentator Jim Cramer? Stewart has taken Cramer and CNBC to task with their handling of the global financial crisis. Well, the two finally met face to face Thursday night on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Cramer looked like a deer in the headlights. Watch the full episode and see for yourself.


This weekend, I really need to get organized. My desk is a mess! And I need to make a little space for myself. My main goal is that everyone gets the time and space that they need.

Weekend to-do's

  • Clean desk
  • Organize bills
  • Finish Eat, Pray, Love
  • Taxes
  • Get to the gym

And a few weekend poetry tasks

  • Get a press pack together. I have a chance to read at a conference so it's time to get on the stick.
  • Have "coming soon" postcards and posters made up for my book. Again, I have an event next week.
  • Finish the poem I started last week.
  • Write my National Poetry Month post. Can you believe April is almost here?


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