Another Day

Thank you thank you thank you for all the messages, posts, and texts you sent yesterday. It helped to get me through a tough day. And y'know, it wasn't so bad. The evening ended on a good note with my writers' group—my community. I felt fortunate to have such a vast network of friends and family.

This is the beginning of the process for me so your support means a great deal.


Read Dan Nester's weeklong adventure, "Seven Long Days in Skinny Jeans," at The L Magazine. Too funny. Also see the photos on his blog.


The Mass Poetry Festival is just four weeks away! Check out the lineup and reserve your free tickets. I'm reading once on Thursday, twice on Saturday. And I just checked out the lineup for Saturday night. Reading together in one venue are Louise Gluck, Robert Pinsky, Anne Waldman, and Afaa Michael Weaver—very cool.


Again, I'm really excited about the long poem I'm writing called the Misery Islands. (Writing about writing this poem is helping me think it through!) Based on two islands off Beverly's coastline called Great Misery and Little Misery, I can't help but feel that this project has come around at the right time. So far, I'm writing eight sections, weaving some real-life events with the history and lore of the islands. My hope is to get over to those remote islands soon—but it's unlikely. I could kayak over but I think I would be taking my life in my own hands since I'm not a strong swimmer!


On my way to work, I saw no fewer than seven drivers throw cigarette butts out the window. Is the ashtray in those cars out of order? Sorry, that's my mini rant for the morning.


jeannine said…
I missed your post yesterday, but I'm cheering for you, too!
January said…
Thanks Jeannine. Hope you are well.
Jill said…
I am so excited, I have to tell you again: We're coming to the Festival! Hooray!
January said…
Jill, make sure you and Carolee book hotel rooms soon. See you in October!

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