The Last Sunday of Summer

Summer came too late this year in New England, but on Sunday, we said goodbye in style with a gathering of good food and great friends. (Wish I had taken more photos but you get the idea.)


The only thing out of place on the beach was this monstrosity. They're not part of our group but I had to take a picture.


Jessie Carty said…
some great pics here :) i like the look back at the beach buildings and the one of the kids reflected in the water. lovely!

since you do photography and poetry i hope you'll consider sending something to me at my YouTube lit mag :) stop by or email me at shapeofabox(at)

and if i have mentioned it already sorry! :)
Odessa said…
great pics january! i know i've said this before but i will say this again, your kids are gorgeous and so are you! glad you had a great weekend.

p.s. what is up with that tractor?

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