Back to School

Ella and Alex started school today! Feels strange to say that I am the mother of two school-aged children. Both kids were excited to go (even Ella with her stoic expression).

I took the day off to drop off, pick up, and take photos, of course.

Day One down, many more to go!


Goodnight, Mom said…
So, how did they do???
Kay said…
Awwwww, brings back memories! SO cute! I love the expressions! A little trepidation mixed with anticipation. Big bro coming to the fore for lil sis too. So sweet.
Anonymous said…
yay school!!!!
Joseph O. said…
grow up so fast.

* sniff, sniff *
January said…
I know! They had great first (and second) days at school. I'm so proud of them.

Thanks all!

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