Weekend Roundup

I have a little cold. Normally, that wouldn't bug me but my parents arrived today from Virginia. I've been healthy most of this year, but today I'm on Dayquil. Ugh.


Tonight I'm going to see a play at the ICA Boston. There's a production of Waiting for Godot by the Classical Theatre of Harlem, set in post-Katrina New Orleans. I thought the production was last week but I was wrong. In any case, it's a night on the town with friends. Woo hoo!


There's mountains of work to be done around the house but I'm avoiding most of it. Still have to cut the grass. Leaves are beginning to fall so the lawn needs some attention. I hate this time of year.


And then there's my poetry to-do list. Will post the October list tomorrow, and it's ugly.


odessa said…
there's definitely something in the air, i've been sneezing and tearing a lot too. hope the cold won't keep you from enjoying your weekend!
Jessie Carty said…
yeah i have to join the "ick" going around list as well. so tired of taking medication!

back in the saddle with the to do lists myself but feeling daunted already!

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