Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday folks! Time to confess. Tell us something you wouldn’t tell us any other day of the week, and we’ll do the same. Don’t forget to say hi to the folks doing time in The Confessional.

Last night, I spent two hours trying to figure out what to do about reservations for the AWP Conference in Denver. The conference takes place in April, yet many of the cheap flights are gone. I’m trying to avoid doing what I usually do with flights—wait until the last minute until there’s nothing left. And Denver in April? Will there still be snow on the ground?


I think I chose this particular moment to look for flights as a way to avoid writing a poem. But I don’t mind, because I have not one, not two, but three different poems in the works! That’s so unlike me. *smile* I feel as if my writing groove has returned. Yea!


This week, I believe my publisher is sending me the galleys of my manuscript!!! Woo hoo! Two years on top of many more working on this book—can’t believe it’s almost here!


This post is beyond my comfort level in relation to the use of exclamation points.


Wednesday, I’ll be making and posting the mother of all to-do poetry lists. From creating a video to booking travel, to planning a launch party—I’m gearing up to be one busy poet mom. And that’s the way (un-huh, un-huh) I like it (un-huh, un-huh). I like being busy. Maybe it’s the Aquarian in me, but I like to have too much on my plate than not enough.


On the Wompo listserv, I’ve seen a few messages come across about how hard it is to publish a book of poetry, especially the second book. But I don’t think it’s any easier if it’s your first or your 10th title. The choices for poets are limited: publish by winning, or placing, in a contest; submit through open submission periods; or self publish.

Well, as someone who managed to find a publisher through a publisher’s open submission period, I feel extremely lucky. It’s not easy to get the attention of an editor with a reputable publisher. But if I didn’t happen for me, I would still be doing all of these things I blog about regularly. Meaning, I would continue to mail out packets of poems and manuscripts, I would continue to support other writers—established and emerging—by buying their books, going to readings, and working to build community in my neighborhood. And, I would use all the time I could muster to read, write, and perfect my craft.

Guess what I’m trying to say is no matter what, I would do those things that feed my soul. Poetry and writing does that for me. Poetry is more than publishing a book; it’s about finding a deeper meaning in our everyday lives and sharing it with others. We as artists have to believe in ourselves. We must be persistent and tenacious, and enjoy the ride. Does that make sense?


Jessie Carty said…
i so needed these last two paragraphs today! the world was just overwhelming me with to do lists (i also like to have more on my plate than not enough) and i need to stop and remind myself that i truly love my life

and confession for today - i did not exercise :)
January said…
It's amazing the amount of time and effort we put into things that don't matter, while we barely give any time to what’s most important to us.

Wish I could devote more time to poetry. It really does feed the soul.

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