What an exhausting week! TGIFF—and that’s no typo.


I’m looking into hotel rooms for AWP Denver. Not cheap. So I’m curious who out there is going, and if you’re interested in sharing a room. Feel free to backchannel me at jgill27494 at aol dot com.


On tap for this weekend, a little brain food. I’m hoping to check out the ICA in Boston, visiting the Shepard Fairey exhibit and seeing Sam Beckett’s play Waiting for Godot by The Casual Theater of Harlem. It’s set in Post-Katrina New Orleans. Wow! I've also had an offer for dancing so I'll have to see where the weekend takes me.


I’ve blocked off a big chunk of time to work on my long poem. I fear it will take me to uncharted emotional territory, but it should allow me to stretch my skills as a writer. Also on the agenda is a few hours to read, and planning out my video project.


I think there's a mani/pedi in my future.


Collin Kelley said…
I'm going to AWP with Karen Head, Megan Volpert and Lola Haskins. We're thinking about getting a cheap hotel near the airport and renting a car. The host hotel is overpriced and almost booked.
Jessie Carty said…
wish i was going to AWP this year :( but I have to miss. 2011 in DC I am thinking about renting a townhouse or something through, i used them for a trip to japan where we rented a furnished apt and it was SO reasonable :) totally not spamming ya here!
January said…
Thanks Jessie, Collin. Denver is going to be pricey, so I'm trying to do this as cheaply as possible. And I'll definitely be in DC in 2011.
odessa said…
i'm all for mani/pedi! and maybe a massage too? you certainly deserve it! :)

good luck with the long poem, i have one of those on my list but i'm honestly scared to finish them, so i know what you mean. you have to be emotionally prepared for it.

hope you have a happy weekend!

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