A Few of My Favorite Things

I have been remiss in telling everyone to check out Joseph Legaspi's prompt at Read Write Poem called "The Self as Memory, or Vice Versa." Woo hoo!

Georgia public radio has a really lovely interview with Collin Kelley. You can find his link on the right side of the homepage.

Oliver de la Paz gives an interview with The Joe Milford Show.

And Aimee Nezhukumatathil can be heard at New Letters on the air (July 31 interview).


Thanks to conversations with Kelli and Collin, I am the proud owner of Anne Sexton: The Last Summer.

The book is a fascinating look into Sexton's world through photos, writings, and letters from the last few months of her life. It's quite remarkable to see her handwritten notes over a typed draft of a poem such as "Mercy Street." She was a talented and strikingly beautiful woman who died way too young.


Work has been draining, but today I was pleasantly reminded that I am employed by a college poised for growth. No retrenchments, as so many other institutions of higher learning are undergoing. No layoffs. Hitting fundraising goals. Highest enrollments ever. Number 1 in entrepreneurship worldwide—it's all good.


Now that the kids are settling into a routine with school, things are becoming slightly easier. There's a little less stress because everyone knows what happens next. This is the first night this week that I've been able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the silence. There's a lightness in the universe tonight.


I matter.


Kay said…
That's a nice post! The Anne Sexton book looks awesome ... Glad you are feeling so positive.
Yes, Jan. You certainly do matter.
Collin Kelley said…
Thanks for the shout out, Jan. I'm so glad you got that Sexton book. It's really a treasure trove.

Yes, you do matter...so sit back and bask in that. :)
I'm catching up today. I've missed so much! Still (always) LOVE visiting with you!

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