Confession Tuesday

Yes, it's the day that falls between Monday and Wednesday! Share a little something about yourself and we'll be sure to do the same. Also, say hello to our friends waiting for redemption in The Confessional.

Today started off with a two-hour commute to work. Nothing gets me out of sorts more than not getting to where I need to be on time. But I did have time to listen to a few podcasts from the Poetry Foundation and PBS's The News Hour with Jim Lerher, so at least my time wasn't a total waste.


Speaking of work, it has shifted in overdrive now that the students are back on campus. I do feel that pull of work that takes me out of my creative space. Hope to find equilibrium at some point this week.


The kids have been testing my patience on a regular basis. "No" seems to be their favorite word at the moment. I go through periods where the kids give me a hard time, so I find refuge at work. But by the end of the day, I can't wait to get out of the office and home to the kids. It's a vicious cycle, I tell you! *smile*


I talk a lot about not having enough time for myself, but the truth is I'm pretty happy with my small corner of the universe.


My mom and I were talking about my house, and it was nice to hear her say that someday she hopes I can turn it into the home I've always wanted. For now, I'm happy to fix the leaky roof, change the look of the living room, and buy a new front door. But it was just nice to hear someone say the things I've been thinking for a long time. Maybe I just liked having her share my point of view. Makes me feel less alone.

Thanks mom!


Lots of things happening in my poetic life. I'm lining up interviews, setting up a few readings for the end of this year into spring 2010, and I just got word of a project with an art installation. It's a weird feeling, coming close to achieving a life goal. When the book comes out in November, it will be the start of a new chapter in my life. And I can't wait!


My September to-do list promises to be ugly—lots to do, but it's all good. Will post it in a few days.


Heidi G said…
Home-- should be a place of joy, and comfort. A house, as it goes, is a shelter, a barrier to the world and its' connection, chosen usually. I've known nearly 20 places I've made to call home in just 26 years, and determined to keep a roof over my head and make it not only a shelter, but a home-- blessed and blessed some more. You WILL know the feeling of 'coming home' again and in part it will always be where Ella and Alex are, and with those who love you no matter where.
Kay Cooke said…
A lovely post full of truth and beauty. Have you been reading Keats? ;)
Jessie Carty said…
congrats on the book coming out! Yay for poetry :)

September really does seem to be a busy month, my to - do list never seems to - done
January said…
Thanks Jesse!
January said…
Kay, I have been bouncing around from poet to poet. I've read everything from Keats to Anne Sexton this week.
January said…
Thanks Heidi G! Hope to see you soon.

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