Happy Thursday

I miss summer. I look at the leaves in my front yard knowing as pretty as the foliage is, I need to go out there and rake! Is it too early to start saying Bah humbug?


Turned in my galley proof edits for Underlife today. Woo hoo! Now things should move quickly.

Do you know why proofs are called "galleys"? According to Wikipedia:

Galley proofs are so named because in the days of hand-set type, the printer would set the page into "galleys": metal trays into which the type was laid and tightened into place. These would be used to print a limited number of copies for editing mark-up. The printer would then receive the edits, re-arrange the type, and print the final version.

So interesting!


A long, overdue congrats to Trashfinder, poet, and Renaissance man Kevin Carey. His screenplay "Peter's Song" (written with Ed Boyle) won Best Screenplay at The New Hampshire Film Festival 2009!


The latest Crab Creek Review is out, and I get to share the space with JillyPoet! Congrats to Jill, and to editor Kelli for such a wonderful issue.

Good news all around!


And Crab Creek Review made it into the literary journal section of Poets and Writers this month!

We're so happy to have your poems in it! Hope you are enjoying the issue.

January said…
It looks great, Kelli. I saw the listing in P&W. Congrats!

You're really on a hot streak! Woo hoo!
Jim K. said…
I suppose we miss summer more
when there wasn't much. All that
cold rain. Keep an eye out for
Indian summers this fall.
Jessie Carty said…
another lit mag i need to pick up!

congrats on getting the galley done :) that must feel like a relief!!
Maya Ganesan said…
Woohoo for the latest issue of Crab Creek Review! Love your pieces.

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