That's right, I'm at Starbucks. Took today and tomorrow off to spend a little time with the 'rents before they leave on Saturday. They're good about giving me space because they know how little time I have to myself. Work has been chaotic (in a good way), but it's time to breathe a little bit.

After Starbucks, I have a dentist appointment. It promises to be painful.


Looking forward to taking some fall photos of the whole family while we have good weather. Will post the best of the best in the next day or so.


Thanks for the feedback on the poem. It's a work in process, but it definitely felt good to finish something. The plan is to carve out about 10 hours to write and revise during the long holiday weekend.


Check out a review of Tara Betts' new book Arc & Hue on the Poetry Foundation's Web site. Can't wait to have Ms. Tara sign a copy for me at the Mass Poetry Festival next week. Make sure to get tickets for the Cave Canem reading.


Jessie Carty said…
i'm thinking of heading to mcalister's for some lunch and free wi fi myself :)

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