I hate this expression, but it's truer than ever: I'm busier than a one-armed paper hanger! This week has been nutty. With book revisions, writing projects, and potential readings in the works—I'm FLAT OUT! Not to mention that Halloween (and daylight savings time) is almost here—how did that happen?

Will November be a calmer month? Probably not, but I'd rather be busy than not these days.


It's taken me 48 hours to write this post.


So the big news of the day is that I will be poetry editor for the online magazine Bread & Circus! It's a terrific online arts and culture magazine that wants to expand its reach into poetry. I'm very proud to be associated with this project. Go check us out!


The Underlife cover is going to the printer, if it hasn't gone already! If you know anything about printing, you know that the glue binding, and waiting for the books to dry, takes a bit of time. I'm guessing I'll have copies in hand by the end of November. I spent a little time yesterday making final changes, so things are finally on the move! Thanks to CKP for making Underlife possible.

This is starting to feel real to me.


Finished up an article for Read Write Poem, and stating a new one for Bread & Circus.


My poem, "What Mommy Wants," has found a home with The MOM Egg! I'm thrilled because it's one of my favorite poems. Also in this issue are poems by two of my favorite poets, Rethabile Masilo and Jennifer Jean. Check it out!


Just found out that Underlife is being adopted at a college! Woo hoo.

Also confirmed that I'm reading with Cave Canem at an NYU reading on April 16, 2010.


If you haven't read Kelli's posts on publishing her second manuscript, do so today. Give her a virtual hi-five. It takes tenacity (read: a set of stones) to stick with a manuscript you believe in. The vast majority of poets never publish a poetry book, but I firmly believe that talent and persistence are the two best weapons in the publishing industry. Kelli has both.



Congrats on all your big news! Have fun being poetry editor (I'm off to check out your journal!) And your poem!

And thanks for the good words.
Jessie Carty said…
48 hours just makes a better blog ost right? :)

good luck on the poetry editing work! i love doing it. just gives me a completely different insight into writing.
Catherine said…
How about "busier than a pickpocket at a kangaroo convention?" It must be exciting seeing your book so close.
January said…
A much better expression, Catherine! Thanks. :)

It is exciting and surreal to see my dreams coming true.

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