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Thanks to the Frost Foundation for hosting last night's Hoot. Mark Schorr and Ray Landry do a wonderful job of bringing in a broad section of people to enjoy poetry, even on the coldest of nights.

I don't bring Alex and Ella to many readings but I brought them last night. They had a good time (well, Ella fell asleep around 8 p.m.--a little past her bedtime). Makes it all the more special for me when I can include them. And, I want them to understand a little about what I do when I have to spend time away from them.


The Frost Foundation now has a blog. It showcases the 2009 Frost Award winners and entries, but there's lots of video posted, including a talk by poetry and Cave Canem fellow Jarita Davis.


Why am I up so early? Ella is in this sleep pattern where she wakes up at 4 a.m. so I have a hard time going back to sleep. This morning, I'm catching up with the news. Sad to see what's going on in Haiti. God bless that country as the sun rises. It is probably the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The country will need an incredible amount of support to rebuild. The images are shocking.


I support Team Conan. :)


Kells said…
Your kids will have incredible memories of going to your readings and seeing your life as a poet. I think that is so wonderful for them.

I have heard about Haiti. So sad. I visited there in 1999. The poem Mission Bell in Small Knots was inspired from my visit. I wonder if it is still standing.
Jessie Carty said…
Glad you had another fun reading!
odessa said…
hi january!
just dropping by to say hello and catching up with your posts. i missed reading your blog while i was away.
January said…
Odessa, I have missed you! Hope you are well.

Thanks Jessie.

Kelli, I hope the kids remember this time fondly.

The images out of Haiti are so dire. I'm sure you remember quiet a different country than the one we're seeing in the news.

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