Monday, Monday

Diane Lockward has a great post on New Year’s Writing Resolutions (read: wish I had written that post!). One of her suggestions is to write on a more regular basis. So I woke up early—5 a.m.—and started a free write. Felt good to put pen to paper. I didn’t write poetry at all in December, but it’s time—and I feel great! It’s a nice way to start the morning, getting those sleep-infused ideas on paper.


Also did 10 push-ups this morning. Woo hoo!


First day back at work. Yea! I’m ready for what’s next. Whatever comes my way, I’m ready.


A friend of mine received a negative book review from a major publication two weeks ago. It was a bit of a crushing blow for her memoir. The book was on an upward trajectory. She has been doing all the right things—interviews, blog tours, lots of visibility in all the places you might expect. But this was a bit of a literary buzz kill. The reviewer said the book didn’t live up to the hype. Ugh. It’s really eye-opening to see a life’s work crushed by a critic.

So my question to you: as a reader, is there value in a negative review?


Writer Bug said…
Hey Jan--Get in touch if you want to do a reading in Easton. I have an in with the library, which hosts really good events...
Writer Bug said…
Oh, and Happy New Year! :)
January said…
Happy New Year! Yes, I'm interested. I'll send you a note.

Diane Lockward said…
Glad to hear that my list inspired you to get out the pen. But at 5 AM? And then 10 pushups? That's laying it on a bit thick!!

Re the negative review--I get bummed out if a reviewer says one poem or even one line isn't up to standard, so I know I'd be totally squashed by a negative review. However, I do think there is something to be said for being a bit controversial. I doubt this will really hurt sales for your friend. Just don't let it happen to me.
Kells said…
Hi January

Here are my thoughts on the negative review--

1). In the end, all publicity is good publicity. People will remember your friend's name or book, not necessarily what. was said about it.

2). I think it's good that not everyone likes your work because then I think it's too bland, too vanilla.

Of course we all tend to like positive reviews more but in the end neither good or bad should matter
January said…
Hi Kelli. I feel the same way but boy it was a big review. Tough to ignore. Any publicity is good publicity, I guess.
January said…
Diane, I know, I should have rolled over and gone back to bed!

I'm with you--just don't let it happen to me!
saksham said…
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Jessie Carty said…
10 pushups after a free write! rock on :)

if i don't like a book, i tend to find a way out of doing the review.

but, ya know, i don't mind reading somewhat negative reviews if they aren't mean spirited. mean spirited ones are well-mean.

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