Howl, The Motion Picture

Hmmm ... James Franco as Allen Ginsberg. Howl, the film, premieres at Sundance next week and stars Franco with Jon Hamm, David Strathairn, Treat Williams, Mary Louise Parker, Aaron Tveit, and Jeff Daniels. There are four scenes in this one clip.

From Defamer:

The film will focus on Ginsberg's early career, as James Franco will play the young poet as he pens "Howl"--the epic poem that landed him in a famous courtroom battle over obscenity.

I think the producers are still looking for a distributor so no release dates yet.


odessa said…
yeah, i'm not too sure about james franco playing allen ginsberg. he's a great actor, but i think he's too handsome and clean-cut. but i'm still looking forward to watching the movie though. hopefully it will be picked up by a distributor soon.

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